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Massage Therapy.
Remedial massage 1stConsult                  $100
Remedial Massage, 1hr                             $90
Sports massage   1 hr                                $90
Pregnancy massage 1.50hr                      $110
Swedish Massage F/body 1hr                  $85
Relaxation Massage F/body  1hr             $85   
Relaxation Massage  30mins                   $45
Therapeutic massage  1hr                       $85
Hot Stone Massage   75mins                   $120
​Indian Head & Shoulder   30mins           $50
Ultimate Stress Massage  1hr                  $85
Foot Reflexology    60mins                       
Manual Lymphatic Drainage  1hr            $85
Reiki Energy Healing    1hr                        $85
Access Consciousness   1.50hr ​               $130
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Freshness Organic Facial & Nourishing foot spa
Consists of a double cleanse, scrub, appropriate mask and moisture balance.
Then enjoy a scrub, hot towels and massage on your feet to address any dryness caused by dehydration during summertime.
45mins. $65
Deep Cleanse Detox Facial
Consists of a double cleanse, scrub, steam,10 min massage ,face and shoulders , finishing with a deep cleansing mask according to skin needs and moisture balance. Blackhead extractions $10 Extra.

 1hr $80
Men's Anti Stess Facial 

This facial is designed for men with specific men's products. It includes a scalp massage with Hair Tonic and a face, neck and chest relaxing oil massage to de-stress especially after a day's work. It also includes a double cleanse, scrub and mask according to men's skin needs
1hr. $90
Purifying & Healing Facial
This treatment is designed for skins that have increased sebacious activity with visible whiteheads, accumulation of milia,  blackheads and pustules. Steam with ozone is used to disinfect and Lymphatic drainage massage to boost removal of wastes and healing of the skin.
1hr 15mins.  $100
Anti-Redness/ Soothing Facial

Indicated for sensitive & easily irritated  skins especially those exposed to sunlight and harsh weather. Skins that are couperose. have broken capillaries. Specific products are used to strengthen the protective skin layer and diminish areas of redness with appropiate serums and masks.
1hr .  $80
Gernetic Hydrating Facial

Essential nutrients enhance the skin function and replenish moisture to diminish signs of ageing and plump the surface layers of the skin.
1hr 15min.  $100

Pack of 3 treatments -$270
Gernetic Pigmentation Facial

Designed to regain a lighter complexion with natural ingredients to regulate melanin production, removing dark spots, freckles, pigmentation and sun damage.

​1hr 15mins.

Pack of 3 treatments - $270
Gernetic Ant Ageing Facial

Super nutritious, luxurious facial designed to reduce the signs of ageing on a cellular level. A unique blend of peptides, proteins and enzymes work together to rebuild, hydrate, firm an ageing skin. It will boost cell renewal, increase fibroblast activity to generate natural collagen and revive the activity of sebaceous glands. Skin regains it's youthful elasticity, suppleness and radiant glow.

90min.  $120

Pack of 3 - $324



   Collagen crystal eye mask   $15
   Collagen & Gold eye mask     "
   Collagen & Gold  lip mask      "

Eye Brow Tint                 $15
Eye Lash Tint                  $20
Lash & Brow Tint           $30

 Hair Removal  

       Women's Waxing

Brow Tidy                  $15
Lip & Chin                 $15
Lip Only                       $8
Full Face                    $35
Underarms               $15
Bikini                          $15
G-String Bikini           $25
Brazilian                     $40
Bottom                       $20
Full Leg                       $45
Thighs                         $30
Lower Half Leg          $25
Full Arm                      $35
Forearm                     $20
        Men's Waxing

Shoulders & Back     $45
Back   only from        $40
Chest & Stomach      $45
Full Legs                     $65
Full Arms                    $40
         The Depilar System
Uses the latest in advanced scientific research to offer a definitive reduction of unwanted body hair. The two Enzyme based Gels are applied exactly after waxing and massaged in the skin by a professional therapist. Prices are added on top of waxing.
Upper lip.        $10
Brazilian.        $40
Forearm.        $40
Face.               $30
Half Leg.         $50
Back Thighs.  $30
Underarms    $25
A safe, Painless, Permanent hair removal system using disposable fine needles to treat unwanted hairs  individually. Price includes needle.
Up to 15min.   $30
Up to 30min.   $50

Hands & Feet

Spa Treatments By Gernetic Skincare.

File & Polish,            15mins
Express Manicure, 30mins
Shellac Manicure ,  40mins
Spa Manicure ,       50mins
Paraffin hands, add-on
File & Polish             15mins
 Pedicure   40mins (scrub+hot towel+nails)
Spa Pedicure, (soak+AHA scrub+Massage)
Deluxe Pedicure     60mins- consists of:-
( soak, scrub, callous removal, cuticle+nailwork,massage,mask & nailpolish)
Shellac Pedicure , 40mins
Callous Peel.  extra

Slimming Body Wrap, 1hr  
Detoxifying Wrap, 1hr   
Firming Body Wrap, 1hr   
Green Tea Detox Wrap,  45mins  
Leg Vein Aesthetic treat,  POC
Stretchmarks abdomen from...           
Firming & Stretchmarks                 
Back Purifying,  45mins 
Aroma Hydra Body & Massage inc.
sea salt scrub, wrap - 90mins